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Welcome to my portfolio.

I have long been interested in the inner-workings of games, which led me to pursue a B.S. in Electronic Game and Interactive Design from Champlain College.

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Check out some of the projects I have worked on below.

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Carnero was created as our senior capstone project by a core team of 11. It is an FPS that allows the player to utilize an ability to control aspects of the environment to solve puzzles dealing with navigation and combat.
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Styx is a suspenseful exploration game in which the player must keep out of the shadows in order to survive the deadly creature stalking him.
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A few small Flash games.
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The Dietide conflict was an experiment in bringing the experience of a tabletop wargame to a digital stage via touchscreen.
Navigation to Design Test: Level Document page
A level design document I made for a design test. This shows a part of my design process.
Navigation to The War of the Words Page
A one page design concept document for a casual word game. A mix of Scrabble and Stratego.
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This was an experiment in using the Hammer editor for Left 4 Dead.