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My name is Cory Livingston, and welcome to my portfolio. I grew up in Chili, NY ( a suburb of Rochester). My Dad introduced me to Science Fiction at an early age, showing me all the classic movies a young geek needs to see. This love for Sci-fi and technology naturally lead to an appreciation for video games.

I attended Champlain College and received my B.S. in Electronic Game and Interactive Development - Game Design. Champlain was just named in the Princeton Review's list for "Top 10 Undergraduate Schools for Video Game Design."

I also became a fairly avid comic book reader. Some of my favorites include Y: The Last Man, Thor, Green Lantern Corps, and The Ultimates. This fueled my desire to draw, which is still a hobby of mine.

Beyond fiction and fantasy, I have always found certain historical periods to be interesting. Ancient Greece and Rome, I have found particularly intriguing. Their technologies were far beyond what we usually think of an ancient culture having access to.

Recently, I have been getting back into non-digital games. I believe my discovery of the card game Munchkin lead to this. Since then I have also taken up playing Warmachine, a tabletop wargame. This has also allowed me to use my artistic side, as the game pieces need to be assembled and painted.

I also like to keep active. In high school I played volleyball, and ran hurdles on the track team. In college, ultimate frisbee was my sport of choice, with some weight training as well.