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With Carnero, the challenge with designing the levels was creating interesting ways to utilize the environmental control mechanic. On this project I was in charge of 2 levels. The first of these acted as the introduction to the cold ability, and the other made use of all 3 of the environmental abilities.
Layout for the third level.
The environmental effects each have several uses within the game world. The levels were designed in order to slowly introduce the player to each use of each ability. Cooling the air of the ship can cause certain materials on the ship to become brittle and can then be broken when shot. The cold is also able to ice up moving machinery, freezing it in place. I started the player off with a simple navigation puzzle to introduce these concepts before being thrust into combat.

As the level progresses, I start to force the player to remain in combat longer. While one or two of the bots could be taken care of with the player's weapon. The damage output is not enough to keep the player safe when there are several enemies. This makes the player have to utilize their different abilities in conjunction with the objects in the environment to defeat enemies. Hanging crates, or other heavy objects, moving machinery that can crush, break away floors, and leaky gas pipes can all be used to gain an advantage over the enemy robots.

Layout for the third level.
By the 5th level, the player has already been introduced to all the different environment types. It was time to mix things up a bit for the player. Most of the game had a few encounters that maybe relied upon one or two controls, but mainly consisted of navigating through the levels. For the 5th level, I started the player in a timed arena area. The player must wait for an elevator to reach the floor he is on, while enemies continue to arrive. To help combat this, the player is presented with several options with which to dispatch these enemies, utilizing different combinations of the environments that were introduced earlier.
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