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A war between two factions, an industrious working class and their overbearing magic-wielding rulers. The rebelling working class uses shoddy, repurposed equipment to battle their foes, while their magical overlords rely on their celestially powered abilities to repel them.
The Splash screen shows troops from the two different factions in the game.

Role: Engineer, Designer
Team size: 3

The Dietide Conflict was a prototype I developed along with an artist and narrative designer. The Dietide conflict was an experiment in bringing the experience of a tabletop wargame to a digital stage. The original concept was to mix aspects of cards games and wargames that make use of miniature figures. I wanted to bring a more tactile feel to the game, similar to its real life counterparts. The game was designed around a touchscreen interface.

On a usual turn, the player is presented with their hand of cards, which represents the units they have in reserve. They can then choose one of these to spawn in as reinforcement. The player can spawn this new unit near any other friendly unit as long as their general is still on the battlefield. Selecting a unit brings up a small menu of actions that it can make. The actions were generally moving, a melee attack, a ranged attack if they can, and each unit was to have its own special ability that further defined its role on the battlefield.

Every few turns, the time of day would change. Since the magic wielding factions draws its power from the celestial bodies, they were much weaker at night when the sun was down. This added a bit of strategy to the game, as timing became a much more important factor when engaging enemy forces.

My role on the team was creating the prototype. I was also responsible for defining the major mechanics and the general gameplay loop. Working in the Unity3d engine, I programmed the framework of the game using the engine's version of Javascript. In addition, I implemented the various art and sound assets into the engine.