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Overhead view of the level. I wanted to create a level that makes the players move through the vertical plane quite often. They start at the highest point of the map, and have to slowly descend to the sea-level before quickly making their way onto the ship and to its raised control room.
  • Overview of level
  • Spawn point
This was an experiment in using the Hammer editor for Left 4 Dead. For my initial concept, I wanted to stay away from the typical locales that the other levels were representative of, and instead based it off of a naval base. This project allowed me to try out several new features in the engine, such as creating a 3D skybox, and building navigation meshes for the zombies to spawn in. This was one of the most difficult parts of the project, as not much information was available at the time on how the director AI decides to spawn enemies.

Looking back, I am happy with how the layout turned out but would, in the future, make the area much less open in order to encourage a greater rate of zombie spawning (in places the players have too far a field of vision and does not give the director as much space to spawn zombies).