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This is a level design I created as part of a design test. The level is for a children's platformer.

Full Level Document:
Resume.doc link
Click picture to zoom.
This is the overhead layout of the level. It takes place on platforms built among giant trees.
Along the sides is a short description of the main action the player is performing in each area (Traversal, Encounters, and Puzzles).
I wanted to show my process when developing level design documents. I began by brainstorming and sketching out potential puzzles for the level, and then started to piece them together into the 2D layout. Keeping the sketches simple allow me to iterate on them quickly while boiling down the action to an easily recognizable form.

Due to the level's vertical elements, I decided to do a quick mockup in 3D using Google Sketchup. The better defined how the level was laid out, in addition to better portraying the basic aesthetics of the level.