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Deep beneath the Balkan Peninsula, an excavation team makes an astounding discovery. But your first day on the job turns into a fight for survival as you realize some old artifacts weren't the only thing to be uncovered.

The shadows are not safe in the outpost of Styx. In order to escape you must make use of any light sources you can to keep the creature stalking you at bay.

A destroyed elevator shaft that traps the main character underground. It is up to the player to find his way out.

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Roles: Lead Engineer, Level Designer
Team Size: 5

The plan behind Styx was to provide a compelling environment for the player to explore, using light, sound and triggered events. Thrust into the underground outpost, which appears to have suffered some horrific attack, the player has to escape while avoiding the darkness. For in that darkness, awaits a creature out of the player's worst nightmares. The idea behind the game was to never show the monster that stalks you, as creatures never seem to live up to the horrors that we concoct within our imaginations.

This game was created using the UDK engine. A team of 3 designers and 2 artists worked to bring the game world to life. Per my role as engineer, I made adjustments to the player class within Unreal to alter movement speed, removed the HUD and inventory, and was working to implement a custom gun before that feature was cut from the design. I also designed several kismet sequences to use for the puzzles throughout the game, including the monster attack script that occurred whenever the player entered the darkness.

I also designed the cave layout, which was broken down into sections for level streaming. Three of these sections I built and meshed in the editor.